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Acadia has more than 35 years of experience providing comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation programming in a community-integrated setting to individuals whose brain injuries or other neurological disorders have affected their ability to live independently, work competitively, and participate fully as active members of the community. We are committed to providing person-centered and flexible services that meet the specific needs of each program participant.

The full range of therapeutic services at our clinic includes neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, counseling and behavior management, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. We provide 1:1 assistance to those individuals who require a more intensive level of support to be able to participate effectively in our treatment programs. Our neuro-rehabilitation assistants are trained to provide effective interventions, using principles of positive behavioral management, for individuals with neurological impairment such as brain injury or autism. Our internal case management team effectively coordinates the services they receive at Acadia and serves as a liaison to external providers working with the people we serve. Our nursing staff manages the emergent medical needs of individuals in our residential program and coordinates their medical care with physicians and other healthcare providers in the community. Our nursing staff and clinical team works closely with Acadia's consulting Medical Director - a Behavioral Neurologist/Board-Certified Neuro-psychiatrist - to manage the medical contributors to behaviors that can interfere with participation in rehabilitation and community-based activity. Acadia also offers supportive counseling services to family members of the individuals we serve.

Acadia's neuro-rehabilitation assistants provide direct care before, during and after day-treatment hours to those individuals living in our community-integrated apartments and townhomes, located in beautiful, historic Lancaster County, PA. Our residences offer well-equipped and attractive living quarters with private bedrooms for each participant. Staff assist each resident according to their needs in all activities of daily living and arrange for their regular participation in a wide variety of activities within the community. Participants served within our residential program are encouraged to pursue goals to maximize their ability to care for themselves and to engage productively in activities of their choice.

Acadia's leadership and staff are expected to maintain our ethical code of conduct, all applicable state practice acts, all applicable professional associations' ethical codes, and ethical codes of marketing as developed by the Brain Injury Association of America. Each individual served will be treated with respect and dignity and never subjected to punishment, coercion or restraint. All information concerning the provision of services and financial costs incurred will be disclosed to the participant. A copy of Acadia's policy on ethics is available to all participants and their family members or support systems prior to, during, or after receiving services from Acadia.

Acadia makes efforts to meet the needs of family members of the individuals we serve. Designated clinical staff are available to family members and significant others, and offer opportunities to learn about cognitive, behavioral, physical and social aspects of brain injury or other neurological impairments. They can teach more effective ways to intervene when an individual presents with difficult behaviors, and can assist family members to accept, adjust to and manage the challenges that these conditions bring to family functioning.

Additionally, Acadia offers a monthly support group for members of the community whose lives are affected by brain injury. Please contact the support group facilitator at 717-394-3466 x 305 for more information.

CARF International accreditation demonstrates a program's quality, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. Toll free (888) 281-6531.

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