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Board of Directors

Corporate Secretary

Dixon has been part of the Acadia team for over 33 years, serving both in clinical roles as a neuropsychologist and in governance roles as a member of the Board of Directors. In his previous operational roles as Director of Neuropsychology Services, Director of Strategic Initiatives, and CEO he has helped to guide the provision of clinical services, enhance quality of residential programming, and achieve key operational and strategic objectives.

Dixon is currently a Consulting Psychologist with TrueEdge Performance Solutions, where he works with business owners and leaders to accelerate and support individual, team, and organizational performance. Dixon earned a B.A. degree in Behavioral Science from Messiah College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Biola University. He is a licensed psychologist and a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist. He is also an avid student of leadership and principles of organizational development.

Susan Blue, MSW
Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Shareholder

Susan was involved with the founding of Acadia 28 years ago. After a period of time away from Acadia, she rejoined the Board of Directors in 2008 and in 2014 became a shareholder when the company was sold. Susan is President and CEO of Community Services Group (CSG) and has been with CSG for 40 years. She is active within the community, serving as Chair of Rehabilitation and Community Providers Service Organization (RCP SO), Chair of the National Council of Behavioral Health, Board Member of Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness.

Executive Leadership


Anne has worked for Acadia since 2000, initially as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist and then as Director of Clinical Services and Quality Management, overseeing the provision of therapies and structured day programming. She completed her undergraduate work at Old Dominion University in Virginia, and earned an MS in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds the Certified Brain Injury Specialist credential. Prior to joining Acadia, Anne was Director of Disability Services at Lebanon Valley College. Until assuming the responsibilities of CEO in 2020, Anne also provided mental health counseling to members of the community on an outpatient basis.

Anne has led the Acadia team to accomplish our triennial accreditations with CARF for the past 10 years. She is the Administrator of Acadia's Outpatient Rehabilitation Services. In service to the community, she participates with the IU13 BrainSTEPS team to help educators in the public school system to understand brain injury and its implications for meeting the educational needs of students returning to school following brain injury. Anne is dedicated to enhancing the quality and delivery of services to our program participants through focus on best practices in the field of neurorehabilitation. She is committed to accomplishing Acadia's strategic growth initiatives, to fostering a psychologically safe and inclusive work environment, and to the professional development of our staff.


Melissa joined Acadia in 2012 as a Controller, and was promoted to the role of Chief Financial Officer the following year. She has a BS in Accounting and in Finance, both earned at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She earned her MBA from Lebanon Valley College. Prior to joining Acadia, she gained experience in accounting and finance through various positions of responsibility at EnerSys and Teleflex Medical. She also taught Cost Accounting, Auditing and Payroll as an Adjunct Professor at Reading Area Community College.

Melissa finds great satisfaction in helping others in her role at Acadia. She enjoys working with the brain injury provider community, with staff at Acadia and other professionals in the field to improve the lives of the people we serve. She finds pleasure in seeing the improvements our clients make and the life satisfaction they feel when they are provided with quality programming, excellent care, and skilled support.

Chief Innovation and Advocacy Officer

Jack has been with Acadia since 1987, first serving as Program Director, overseeing residential and clinical programming, and later as President /CEO. He currently serves in the role of Chief Innovation and Advocacy Officer, continuing his long-standing efforts to promote awareness of brain injury and the complex needs of individuals in the post-acute stage of recovery. Jack also voices the needs of Acadia and other providers who deliver long-term care for individuals with brain injury to state regulatory agencies and legislative bodies, to positively influence policies and procedures that promote the health of these organizations.

Jack holds a BA in Psychology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and an MRA (Master of Rehabilitation Administration) from the University of San Francisco. He is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. Jack was a founding member of the Brain Injury Coalition /Caucus, and continues in his role as co-chair of the RCPA Brain Injury Subcommittee. He enjoys cycling and was honored to be invited to serve as a cycling official at the 2015 World Special Olympics Games in Los Angeles.

Director of Clinical Services

Amanda has worked with Acadia since 2005. She graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Psychology and an MS in Clinical Psychology. She began her career at Acadia as a Case Manager and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. She was promoted to a leadership role on the clinic team, as Assistant Clinical Director, and then to an executive leadership role, as Director of Day Treatment Services. In 2020, she assumed the responsibilities of Director of Clinical Services. She oversees the provision of all individual therapies, structured day group programming, as well as intake coordination and case management services. Amanda provides guidance to the clinical and residential teams in the development of positive behavior plans to support clients' social and behavioral gains, and promotes a collaborative, trans-disciplinary team approach to their behavioral care.

Amanda's personal experience with disability is part of what drew her to the field of neurorehabilitation. She is passionate about improving the quality of life for the individuals we serve and identifying ways to improve work routines and processes to continuously improve the quality of the services we provide.

Director of Information Systems

Andy has worked for Acadia since 2004, serving as our Residential Director for several years before assuming the responsibilities of Director of Information Systems. He works closely with our HIPAA privacy officer to ensure we maintain compliance with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which addresses the privacy and security concerns associated with the electronic transmission of health information. Andy holds an Associate's Degree in Information Technology from Harrisburg Area Community College, a BA in Psychology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and an MHA (Master of Health Administration) from Pennsylvania State University.

Andy coordinates the collection of and participates in the analysis of Acadia's performance outcomes data, producing our quarterly and annual reports. He chairs our Safety Committee, working with others from all departments to ensure that our facilities are following all safety standards. His passion for "behind the scenes" work to support and expand the technological infrastructure at Acadia allows our administrative, clinical, and residential staff members to perform their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Fresh technological challenges each day keep his work menu varied! Andy enjoys the camaraderie he has with staff in every department, and maintains a loyal dedication to the people we serve in our programs.

Director of Human Resources & Training and Development

Dawn joined Acadia in 2010 as Director of Human Resources and was subsequently promoted to Director of HR & Training and Development. She serves as Acadia's HIPAA Privacy Officer. She has a BS in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Lebanon Valley College. Prior to joining Acadia, Dawn was the Chief HR Officer at Auntie Anne's Inc., Director of HR, Safety and Administration at The Jay Group, and HR Director at HCR Manor Care, providing leadership to each of her teams in HR, Risk Management/Safety and Training.

Dawn enjoys having the opportunity to support our staff and help in their growth and professional development as they strive to meet the needs of our clients. She seeks to build strong, loyal relationships with employees through shared commitment to improving the lives of the individuals we serve in our program. Dawn endeavors to help Acadia maintain a happy and healthy workforce. She seeks to nurture a positive, collaborative team approach in the workplace, knowing that our clients are best served by staff who love coming to work each day.

Director of Residential Services

Jami is the newest member of our executive leadership team, joining Acadia in January 2023 as the Director of Residential Services. She attended Lock Haven University before starting her career in the Human Services field. She has over 29 years of experience working in various positions with providers of residential care for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities. As the Director of Residential Services at Acadia, she provides visible leadership and skillful direction to the residential department, and assumes responsibility for the comprehensive health supervision of our residential participants. With her site supervisory team, she works to ensure that our residences remain in compliance with Pennsylvania's regulations for personal care homes. She is currently working on obtaining her Personal Care Home Administrator's license through Temple University.

Jami's goal throughout her career has been to provide the best support to the people she serves, to help them maximize their skills and lead a productive, happy life. She is a strong advocate for staff to ensure that they are given the training, support and appreciation that is vital for them to provide care of exceptional quality. Jami appreciates Acadia's dedication to providing quality care in an environment of continuous improvement, and is proud to be a member of the team.

Client Services

Assistant Clinical Director

Tamara began working at Acadia in 2008. She earned a BA in Psychology and an MS in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Tamara also holds the Certified Brain Injury Specialist credential. Tamara served as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist and Case Manager at Acadia for many years, and now serves as the Assistant Clinical Director. Tamara assists the Director of Clinical Services with the day-to-day operational management of clinical services provided by Acadia. She is responsible to ensure that our clients are scheduled for the individual therapies they need at the day treatment clinic each week, and works collaboratively with therapists to ensure that each client is scheduled for group activities they like. She provides support and direction to our cognitive rehabilitation therapists, and collaborates with our Client Health and Wellness department to ensure that staff are available whenever a client needs medical attention in the community. Tamara greatly enjoys her work with both clients and staff at Acadia.

Assistant Residential Director, Residential Site Supervisor

Nate joined Acadia is 2007 as a Neurorehabilitation Assistant (NRA), and was promoted to Site Supervisor at our B4 residence. He advanced to Operations Supervisor in 2018, and most recently to Assistant Residential Director in 2023. Nate assists the Director of Residential Services in providing administrative and operational leadership for developing and maintaining a high-quality home-and-community-based residential rehabilitation program.

Nate earned his Associate's Degree in Social Work from Harrisburg Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management from Immaculata University. He obtained his PCHA from Temple University. He has more than 20 years of experience in working with adults with disabilities. Prior to coming to Acadia, he worked at Friendship Community, helping his clients to meet daily needs including managing their finances, following medication administration processes, and assisting them with medical appointments. He also worked at Community Services Group, where he was a Program Supervisor. Nate takes great pride in being a member of the team at Acadia, and dedicates effort to providing a safe and healthy environment for our residential participants.

Coordinator of Case Management Services

Kathleen joined the Acadia team is 2008 as a Case Manager and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. She advanced to the supervisory position of Coordinator of CM Services several years later, and continues to support and oversee the work of the case management team while also providing case management services to many of our clients. Kathleen earned a BS in Music Therapy at Elizabethtown College, and holds the Certified Brain Injury Specialist credential. She has more than 25 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation working with people who have cognitive and physical disabilities.

Kathleen contributes to the professional development of Acadia's staff through our in-service training program. She is instrumental in our preparations for reaccreditation surveys with CARF every three years. She is a strong and tireless advocate for the rights of the people we serve, and invests positive energy and expertise in post-acute brain injury in all her interactions with our clients and their families. She extends her skills to serving the community outside of Acadia through her facilitation of a monthly brain injury support group.

Client Health and Wellness Coordinator

Dawn Marie joined Acadia in 2018 as a Neurorehabilitation Assistant (NRA) in our residential program. She moved to the clinic program as Nursing Assistant in 2020, where she utilized her CNA experience to help our former Nurse provide for the medical needs of our clients. The COVID pandemic ushered in a new set of challenges, and Dawn Marie quickly demonstrated her capacity for more responsibility and oversight of our clients' medical needs. When we lost our nurse, she was promoted to the new position of Client Health and Wellness Specialist, and now supervises that department as Client Health and Wellness Coordinator. She also serves on our Infection Control Team. She is our liaison to the medical community, ensuring that our residential clients get the routine and emergent medical attention they need. Dawn Marie cares deeply for our clients, and for the staff who provide their daily care. She maintains her CNA credential and her Hospice Aide certification by continuing to provide patient care one day a month at a Hospice program in Maryland.

Residential Site Supervisor

Jean began his employment with Acadia in 2015, working on a part-time basis as a Residential NRA. He continued to provide direct care services to individuals with mental and intellectual disabilities with another agency, broadening his experience and enhancing the skills he brings to his work in our program. Having demonstrated strong capabilities and his dedication to our clients over the next several years, Jean was promoted to the position of Residential Site Supervisor in 2020, first at B6 and now at our Greenfield residence. He completed his training for licensure as a Personal Care Home Administrator (PCHA) at Temple University in 2021. He is also a CPR Instructor, and is responsible for training our staff in this important technique.

Jean's commitment to providing a safe and healthy home for our residents, to ensuring that their care needs are met and that they are always treated with dignity and respect, is rooted in his admiration for the human service work his father dedicated his life to in Haiti. Jean feels a deep sense of satisfaction in living a life of service to others.

Residential Site Supervisor

Rafael joined Acadia's team in 2017 as a Residential Site Supervisor at B1. He brings a wealth of experience to his work. He has an Associate's degree in Business Management from West Over Community College, and earned his PCHA credential from Temple University. He began his career in human services providing direct care and, for 11 years, specialized in one-to-one assistance to persons with autism. He worked as a one-to-one employment mentor specializing in behavioral support for an additional five years. At Community Services Group, he advanced to a Site Supervisor position, overseeing operations at a residence for seniors with intellectual disabilities. Rafael strives to enhance the quality of life our residential clients enjoy at Acadia. He has been instrumental in planning events that provide opportunities to worship and to interact socially with other members of the community.

Residential Site Supervisor

Fritz joined Acadia in early 2019 as a Neurorehabilitation Assistant, and was promoted to an assistant site supervisor position later that year. He was promoted again to a Site Supervisor position at B6 in 2023. Prior to working at Acadia, Fritz was a Nursing Assistant at Moravian Manor in Lancaster, where he worked primarily with older adults with dementia, and also with individuals receiving short-term rehabilitation care after an illness, injury or surgery. He gained additional professional experience at Keystone Human Services as a direct-support professional, where he cared for individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism and mental health needs, and ensured their access to the medical community. Fritz completed the LPN program at Harrisburg Area Community College in 2012, bringing both educational knowledge and practical experience to his work at Acadia. He likes to make a difference in people's lives, to provide comfort and support to people in need, and to make a positive impact on his community.

Residential Site Supervisor

Drew joined Acadia as a Neurorehabilitation Assistant (NRA) in 2019 and worked for several years in our residential program providing direct care to our clients. They moved to our clinic program as an NRA in 2022 to broaden their professional experience and assist our clients to participate optimally in our structured day groups, and to take them to appointments in the community. Drew has been a helpful resource to our Client Health and Wellness Department, assisting them to complete administrative tasks related to client medical appointments. In early 2023, Drew was promoted to the position of Residential Site Supervisor at one of our licensed, 6-bed homes, and will pursue the Personal Care Home Administrator credential this year. Drew finds joy in being an advocate for the rights and dignity of our clients. Drew is also invested in the representation and upliftment of the team they have around them and puts that focus into their work within the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Residential Site Supervisor

Xor Mee joined the Acadia team in 2008 as a Neurorehabilitation Assistant (NRA) in our residential program. She moved to the clinic as an NRA and was promoted to a Lead NRA position, continuing to provide direct care to our day treatment and residential clients while assuming more administrative responsibilities. Xor Mee's was promoted to the Residential Site Supervisor position at our B2 home in 2022, and obtained her PCHA credential from Temple University shortly thereafter. Xor Mee's strong work ethic, her desire to deliver the utmost care to our clients, and her belief in a servant model of leadership earn her the trust and respect of our clients' families and of her staff. Xor Mee credits her personal history as the daughter of Hmong Vietnam veteran parents, immigrating to the United States after fleeing Vietnam's communist regime, with instilling her drive to learn and her passion for caring for others. She is honored to be working with Acadia, a welcoming and loving environment that appreciates and supports growth for clients and staff alike.

Intake Coordinator/Case Manager

Sheree joined Acadia in 2008 as a Case Manager and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. Her role was expanded to include the responsibilities of Intake Coordinator several years later. She has a BA in Psychology from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, and holds the Certified Brain Injury Specialist credential. She has more than 20 years of experience in the case management field.

As Acadia's Intake Coordinator, Sheree facilitates all aspects of the intake process including responding to inquiries about and conducting assessments of readiness for our programs, arranging tours of our facilities, and helping families to navigate funding options. She leads the Intake Committee in the discussion of prospective clients for our program. After an offer of admission has been made, Sheree coordinates all activities leading up to and through the new client's admission. In her role as Case Manager, Sheree is the liaison for communications between the client, their family /support system, the Acadia treatment team, and external providers on the client's care team. She is passionate about her work at Acadia, and ensures that every new client and their family feels welcomed and secure in the care that we pledge to provide.

Case Manager

Abbi joined Acadia as a Case Manager in 2022. She earned her B.S. in Human Services, with an emphasis on Mental Health, from California State University Fullerton. After graduating, she earned her Registered Behavior Technician certification to work with individuals with behavioral challenges. She used this certification to implement Applied Behavioral Analysis at an elementary school for military children on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. There she gained experience providing direct care and educational instruction to individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Although she is new to post-acute brain injury, she brings an inquisitive and eager mindset to her learning and to her work.

At Acadia, Abbi brings positive energy, compassion, and good humor to the service of all clients on her caseload. Her passion for helping others, which drew her to the field of rehabilitation, is demonstrated in her ready availability to her clients, and her collaborative and responsive work with all members of each client's treatment team. She is a caring advocate for her clients and their families.

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